Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google shows that Moore's Law can go backwards

I used to pay $5/year for 20GB of additional Google storage. With the launch of Google Drive, however, Google has changed the prices on storage, and it's dramatically higher. It's now $2.50/month for 25GB, or $30/year, 6 times more expensive.

Fortunately, as long as you keep renewing your current Google plan, your price will remain at $5/year. I don't know whether the old plans allocates storage for Google Drive (there's no easy way to find out), but be very careful if you wish to upgrade your storage plans for Google Drive.

Or use Skydrive instead. At $10/year for 20GB, it's a much better deal. Plus, it comes with more free storage.

I don't know what caused Google to try to pull this stunt, but I guess online storage is immune to Moore's law. (I could discuss the technical reasons for this, but they have to do with Google's internal infrastructure and nothing to do with what you should pay for online storage)
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