Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strong Frame #2

Strong Frame Returns!

Carl has sent me a replacement frame, and I built it up today! The changes from the previous frames were:
  • 72 degree seat tube angle (instead of 72.5)
  • no more spoke holders (the last ones didn't work out)
  • no 3rd water bottle cage (one of the cracks might have initiated from the holes drilled for it)
  • 54mm brake reach. The last 57mm brake reach required us to file down brake slots. I'd like not to do it again.
  • The cable stops got placed on the downtube instead of the head tube. That's because I asked for slotted cable stops so I can run both STI and bar-end shifters with a bar swap.
  • Straight gauge Ti tubing. Carl no longer offers a lifetime warranty on double-butted tubing.

After riding the Fuji for two weeks, the new Carl Strong frame feels right in a way the Fuji didn't. It's amazing how I've gotten used to it! In any case, I hope this new frame lasts a lot more than 17,000 miles!
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