Friday, September 17, 2010

My Strong Frame is Dead

Dead Strong Frame

I was riding over to Google to visit some friends this morning, and when riding over a pedestrain bridge over 101, heard and felt this "snap!". I looked down at my bike and found that my bike had inadvertently shifted from the middle chainring to the granny gear. I shifted back to the middle chainring and things were fine, but the bike felt a bit funny.

At lunch, I looked at the frame and found that the chainstay where the spoke holder was was cracked. The crack didn't go all the way around the frame, but it was obvious that I wasn't going to descend Page Mill Road on the bike even one more time. After meeting various people (every time I visit, I run into so many people I know that it takes far longer than I expect), I visited Cynthia and she observed that the bottom bracket area was cracked as well, which it was, and almost all the way around. It looked like the weld had just about fallen apart!

The Bicycle Outfitter thought that the frame was not repairable, but Carl wants to see it anyway. In any case, I am very very grateful that my super fast descent on Wednesday didn't result in anything untoward!

I've never had a frame crack on me like this before, but this frame was my only single bike for about 2 years, surviving rough commutes, tours across France and Hokkaido, and of course, frequent rough stuff riding. On the other hand, my previous frames had done the same for many many years without any trouble. I'm not usually sentimental about equipment, but since I had a big hand in designing the frame, I feel the loss a bit deeper this time than previously. So here's a retrospective on the bike on this blog:
We'll see what Carl says when he gets it!
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