Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: Moon

I heard all sorts of things about Moon over the last year or two, and deliberately kept myself spoiler free until I found some time to watch it, and what a worthwhile 93 minutes it was!

The premise of the movie is that mankind has developed a usable fusion process that requires helium 3 from the dark side of the moon. All action in the movie itself happens on the moon base that processes and ships helium 3 back to Earth. The movie quickly establishes what normal routine is in the base, and then quickly dives into the plot involving the lone operator of the base, Sam Bell. He's not alone, however, and has a robot assistant, the Gerty 3000, which is used to excellent effect in the movie, constantly confounding audience expectations.

To say more than this will spoil the plot (in fact, you are advised not to even read the reviews). Suffice to say the mystery is interesting and fair (you could figure it out with all the clues), and the resolution satisfying. Highly recommended. While the movie is rated R, as far as I can tell the only reason it got the "R" was for a very innocuous shower scene with Sam Rockwell (shot entirely from the back).
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