Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tour of Hokkaido 2009

On August 25th, Yana & Mark Ivey, Brooks Sizemore and I did a Bicycle Tour of Hokkaido (the northern-most big Island of Japan). The ride totaled 1532.3km of riding and 15,300m of climb over 18 riding days, during which we got 2 flat tires, neither of which could be attributed to the condition of Japan's roads. (All tracks were recorded by my Garmin 76CSx, and you download all the tracks in a zipped package)

This is the index page with day-by-day trip reports and will collect all the photos when they show up.

The original solicitation letter got enough attention to go ahead, and due to plane ticket pricing and other timing issues, we settled on an August 25th departure.

We used the Collaborative album feature of PicasaWeb to mix all our photos together in chronological order:

Brooks Sizemore's Pictures
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