Sunday, May 25, 2008

Riding my gloves to destruction


I have a history of riding equipment to destruction, but I also have a similar approach to clothing --- I tend not to throw any clothing away until it's no longer functional, even if it already has holes in it. This isn't due to any kind of innate cheapness, but because old clothing just wears better and is more comfortable.

Well, this is the second pair of Specialized Body Geometry gloves I've worn out. Don't take this as any criticism of their gloves --- it took me about 2 years to wear this pair to destruction. (The symptom was that the hole in the glove would get caught in my bar end shifters) I didn't like my other gloves enough to wear them to destruction (and some get lost, etc). The problem is that this newer model isn't as comfortable as the old gloves I destroyed a couple of years back. The durability seems poorer as well. However, they are still the most comfortable gloves for long rides, by far. This doesn't mean I can wear them for 10 hours straight --- I sometimes have to take them off and ride bare handed on ultra long days.

I guess I'll just stock up on them when I next return to California.
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