Monday, February 18, 2008

My first carbon failure

I've heard of a lot of carbon fork failures, mostly because the people to whom it happens end up in a hospital, so when my Fuji approached its third year, I ended up with a custom Ti frame and a custom Ti fork.

However, unknown to me, I had already broken a carbon component, which was the seat post that came with the Fuji. Note that as Pardo mentions in his entry, this seat post lived as pampered a life as I could make it, no loaded touring, no rough man-handling, and throughout its life I was a svelte 145 pounds. I'm replacing it with a Thomson aluminum post, which I love and would want to rave about one of these days.

In any case, people occasionally ask why I wanted to go Ti, and for me anyway, all it takes is one bad carbon failure in the fork or frame and I might never be able to ride again. I don't treat my bikes kindly, and I don't see myself being any nicer to my bikes in the near future.

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