Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kirkby Stephen to Keld

We went over the Penines today, up to the nine standards, over the hills, and down into the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The route wound its patient way up a completely unshaded hill, with moorlands over the top, and lots of peat bogs that normally would be really nasty to walk through, but it had been dry for almost a week now so we only had to tip-toe around a few spots here and there.

Yorkshire Dales is beautiful, with yellow buttercups and lovely barns. Again, lots of sheep, but we got to Keld at 4:00pm despite several breaks, and our cell phone didn't work. We resorted to a payphone off the main road to call our Inn for a pickup (we were staying at the Tan Hill Inn, the highest Inn in the entire U.K.), and since that was the only phone box in town they knew exactly where to pick us up.

Lisa got a case of sunburn on her legs where we forgot to apply sunscreen because we had umbrellas up. Sunburn in England! Nobody's going to believe her.
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