Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lisa's Laptop

We considered Dell, where we had coupons and an employee purchase plan discount. But Dell's site is annoying and irritating, and you can't easily compare prices because they sell different models to different customers, all ending up with the equivalent price. That alone was enough to annoy me into trying different venues.

Fortunately, had pretty good deals on the Acer Aspire 5670 series of laptops. After digging around and finding a coupon in my mailbox, we ended up with an after-tax-and-shipping price of $980 for a 1GB machine with a dual-core CPU, a DVD burner, a built-in camera, 100GB of disk space, and a very nice remote (much nicer than the one that comes with the Mac Mini). Sure, it's not as cute as the Mac Mini, but it comes with a very nice screen, an excellent graphics card, and all the same extras for about $100 less than what Apple sells its entry-model machine for. The only advantage the Mac has over the Acer is that the Mac will have 2GB of memory (which is admittedly very expensive right now).

MacOS X is a nice operating system, but I'm pretty sure if I tried really hard I could probably boot Linux on the Acer. I guess we'll see what the reliability is like, but my guess is that the Mac and the Acer will be comparable.
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