Sunday, May 14, 2006

Black Mountain Today

It was hot, about 83 degrees. About a mile from the top, I ran into a guy wearing a Coast-To-Coast T-shirt. I mentioned to him and his wife that Lisa & I were going to do the walk in a couple of weeks. They told me they did the trip 7 years ago, and that they were so lucky that they had only one day of rain out of about 16. That's pretty darn good, considering my own Scotland trip about 11 years ago had much more rain than that.

They did mention that the first few days was quite hilly. I asked how bad it was, and they said about 2500'. Why, I said, that's about the same height as Black Mountain! They agreed, and said that if you'd been climbing it all year, it was probably nothing scary.

This is one of the things I love about the Bay Area. No matter where else in the world you go, if someone else tells you how steep or high the mountains are, after you've asked a bit, you'll realize that it's nowhere as steep or as tough as they think it is, since the Bay Area has plenty of steep, tough hills.
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