Saturday, August 27, 2005

A tough ride

Went on a Western Wheelers ride today. Everyone was scary fast! Sure, it's the end of the summer, so folks are as fit as they're going to be, but I'd just done a Tour of the Alps not that long ago, and it's scary how much fitter everyone else was. Of course, I could use the excuse that I planned my peak for that tour, but seriously, I'm a recreational rider. I don't peak.

I did meet someone I rode with 13 years ago, when I first started riding with the Western Wheelers, but before I dropped out. It was funny when I first said, "oh we rode together 10 years ago", she interrupted and said, "No, it's longer than that. It was 6 boyfriends ago." Thinking back upon it, I'd had 6 jobs (well, 2 at the same company) since then as well, so it's nice to know that some people switch boyfriends as often as I switch jobs.

Anyway, I'm now incredibly exhausted, despite having only ridden 72 miles with 7500' of climb. As they say, it's not the distance or the climb, it's the pace --- we did it all in 6 hours, and that's including stops!
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