Friday, July 29, 2005

More thoughts on the American trade off

While musing about yesterday's topic, I realize that most of my truly life long friends (like Scarlet), are the ones who:
  1. Write back when you send them e-mail
  2. I've taken vacations with
Note that Scarlet & I don't get along on holiday, but that's besides the point. The shortage of vacation in America means that vacation time is precious and is to be spent only with family. The idea of taking 2 or 3 weeks with friends exploring a foreign country, even amongst the affluent, is something almost unheard of for anyone not in their 20s.

It also partly explains why Europeans feel that Americans treat their relationships as superficial. If you haven't really experienced things together as friends, you're not really great friends, no matter how much you pretend like you are when you see each other.
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