Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tripel Karmeliet, the Beer for non-beer drinks

I'm not a beer drinker. I don't like it, and never picked up the habit, except for a three week bike trip in Europe where I found that beer was cheaper than bottled water.

Then one day, Charlie Ayers at Google hosted a special dinner and served Tripel Karmeliet. It was a fantastic beer, and I went back for a couple more servings. Then I was stumped. How could I buy it? I found it at Beltramo's, but they had four small bottles for $14 or so. On top of that, there was a time when they lied to me, telling me they had it in stock and then when I showed up they didn't have it!

I was glad when a search on Google brought me Internet Wines and Spirits, which sold the 750ml bottles for $9 each (after the hefty shipping and handling charges), which was quite acceptable. The delivery was quick, and everything showed up unbroken.

I was worried that the beer wouldn't live up to my expectations after this time, but I shouldn't have been concerned. It's just as good as I remembered, and worth the extra effort of finding it online, especially since there wasn't any other beer that I enjoyed.
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